Wolves Hawks announces Saginaw Partnership

“Wolves Hawks SC’s mission is to help provide the best soccer opportunity. As the game of soccer grows, we feel the inherent mission to extend that mission to growing soccer areas. Our goal is to help grow the sport under the right environments.

The relationship between Wolves Hawks SC and Saginaw Township is a multi-year program. The development of soccer is not a sprint, rather a marathon. Our goal is to make sure we are making progress with our initial age groupings of U10-U12. Each year, we will revisit the needs of the program, making necessary adjustments to continue its growth and development. Our goal is to grow the program slowly with proper coaching and player environments. Creating these environments and transporting a proven curriculum takes time. Hence, we see this relationship as a multiple year program.

The first year will include only the u10-u12 age groups. “We chose the u10 to u12 age groups to allow for long term maturation and success of the partnership. Simply, we want to gradually develop a long term development plan that has sound foundations. Hence, by starting with younger teams and growing annually, we will create a strong base leading to an even stronger elite levels over time. Our focus will be on implementing a proven curriculum with the young players that will mature and develop over the next five years,” U10-U12 Director, Bryan Thorp.

Due to distance the distance between the clubs, Wolves Hawks SC will provide player clinics for ages U10-U12 as well coaching education clinics. Along with hard copy curriculums, Wolves Hawks SC will be involved with the education and implementation of the curriculum through these periodic clinics.

In addition to offering our coaching services and curriculum, we will open our doors to training with our top coaches for identified and selected players. Those players will have the chance to train with our best teams and players at our home facility with our best coaches.

“We are excited to begin this partnership and look forward to helping develop the elite player in Saginaw,” Bryan Thorp.

Wolves Hawks Saginaw,