Wolves Team Uniform Orders:

  • The 2024-2025 season is the Second year of a 2 year uniform plan.
  • This season every new player must purchase the full uniform kit plus backpack. Returning players that already have a Wolves uniform must purchase the 2 new practice tees.
  • The uniform kit is purchased during the WOLVES TeamSnap team registration by answering questions on the first registration page.
  • The fees page will offer the opportunity to purchase optional items and additional quantities of uniform items. We recommend ordering extra items during registration so that the cost is split over the installment payments.
  • The Team Snap Registration program does not allow parents to go back in after payment is made and add items so you need to check the check-out cart carefully.
  • If you have questions regarding the ordering process please contact Heather Prince at hprince6@gmail.com 
  • The WOLVES Uniform Order is needed ASAP therefore this as a top priority to have completed the Team Snap Registration by Sunday June 9th. We have a very tight deadline to submit our uniform order to the supplier otherwise you may not receive your uniform before the second practice.
  • You must inform Heather Prince at hprince6@gmail.com on the day you order if you need different sizing than you indicated on the TeamSnap registration. If you just update the size in your TeamSnap account it will not adjust on our order!


Players orders are put together by team and handed to the Team Manager to sort and deliver at practice. Uniforms are not delivered to your home. 

2024 Uniform Kit
2024 Uniform Kit Juniors


2021 Adidas Sizing


• Cold wash inside out using a mild detergent.  Never use bleach, bleach alternatives, stain removers or fabric softeners.

• For the first 3 times: Line dry in a warm and dry environment. Do not let the print fold on itself during the drying process.

• After following the above please use the care label instructions on the garment.

• Do not iron or steam.

• Do not tumble dry.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials and publications, including web sites and emails, are protected as the copyrights, trade dress and/or intellectual properties owned by Michigan Wolves Soccer Club.  Such intellectual properties may not be reproduced or used by others without the express written permission of Michigan Wolves Soccer Club.  All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

The Michigan Wolves Soccer Club name, trademarks, logos, services marks, brand identities, titles, trade names, graphics, designs and copyrights (collectively the "Trademarks") are protected intellectual properties that are both registered and unregistered Trademarks of Michigan Wolves Soccer Club, its affiliates and others.  Nothing used on clothing, uniforms, publications, web sites or other materials shall be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise, as a license or right to use any Michigan Wolves Soccer Club Trademark by third parties.

Michigan Wolves Soccer Club Logo Usage
The Michigan Wolves Soccer Club Logo is to be recognized as the official club logo, and if used, it must be presented in its entirety without modification, on such merchandise and/or materials including but not limited to the following:

• Soccer uniforms and other apparel, bags, hats, pins, patches, etc.
• Press releases and newsletters
• Posters, banners, field boards
• Print or broadcast ads
• Electronic mediums, websites, on-site signage
• Registration forms, applications, etc.
• Marketing or informational brochures and materials

Logo Use Specifications
The Michigan Wolves Soccer Club Soccer Club Logo must always be used in the same proportions. It is intended to be used as a unit, and it must not be altered or modified from its standard form.  All applications of the Logo must use all colors properly as outlined. No other colors may be substituted in a color rendition. For non-color renditions, either 100% black or 100% white is acceptable. If Logo is presented in 100% white, it can only be placed on a solid dark background. If Logo is presented in 100% black, it can only be placed on a solid light background.

REMINDER - All described uses of the Michigan Wolves Soccer Club Logo in the foregoing guidelines for any commercial purpose whatsoever must receive the prior written approval of Michigan Wolves Soccer Club.

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