Wolves 03 ECNL Sanford Match Reports

Game 1: 12/29

u16 Michigan Wolves v u16 Alabama FC

Final Score: 2-2 T

Goalscorers: Reece Brown and Cole Tesolin


The first half was characterized by direct kick and run style on the side of Alabama FC, as well as an effort to gain control of a possession style on the Wolves side that resulted in many early turnovers. Alabama put away the first goal of the game on a scramble 50/50 ball that landed inside the 18 yard box collected by an Alabama forward who struck a lucky ball past two Wolves defenders and their goalie. The Wolves fired back with a goal of their own off a corner served by defender Nolan Chaput into forward Reece Brown on a near-post run and tap in to end the first half.  In the second half, Alabama took the lead with a 35-yard out screamer of a shot that nobody expected. Later in the game a beautiful ball was switched through the midfield into Wolves midfielder Josh Richardson who set up forward Cole Tesolin with a tap in to make the final tally 2-2.


Game 2: 12/30

u16 Michigan Wolves v u16 Miramar United Elite FC Final Score: 1-2 L

Goalscorers: Josh Rillema


In the first half, Miramar played a direct control style of switching it through the midfield and eventually regressing to a long ball style to force balls down to the Wolves side. The Wolves struggled to play a possession style but about 20 minutes in they gained the strength to move the ball up with a little more ease through the midfield and out of the back. The first goal was scored by Miramar off a corner kick that was hit inside the 18-yard box. The Wolves responded with a goal of their own not soon after when midfielder Josh Rillema diced a Miramar defender and goalkeeper as well as finishing the ball subsequently. Wolves goalkeeper Wyatt Kuhlman made a layout save to stop a shot from the right side to give the Wolves a bit of momentum ending the first half. In the second half a corner kick from Miramar resulted in the score becoming 2-1 after a communication mistake allowed a tap in on the back post. The Wolves fought fiercely, but not putting away a few key opportunities and set pieces concluded the game in a final score of 2-1 Miramar on top.


Game 3: 12/31

u16 Michigan Wolves v u16 Albertson Fury Final Score: 4-0 W

Goalscorers: Nolan Chaput, Giovanni Covelli, Miles Brown and Grant Mateer


In the first half the Wolves dominated possession and showed clear superiority over their opponents with 2 goals in the first 20 mins. The first goal came off of a long ball from Nolan Chaput into Grant Mateer who acrobatically knocked ball over Albertson’s goalkeeper. The second goal came shortly after when a forward Giovanni Covelli sped past a couple defender and placed the ball side netting. In the second half, a corner from Wolves defender Nolan Chaput resulted in an own goal that hit off an Albertson defenders foot. Later in the second half, another corner produced an opportunity when Albertson’s goalie fumbled the ball allowing defender Miles Brown to place it in the back of the net.

The game was overwhelmingly controlled by the Wolves with little resistance from the opposition.