Please Prepare for Tryouts

The time has arrived that everyone has been waiting for, tryouts are being held June 14th and 15th at Total Soccer Wixom. It is a stressful time for players and parents however a little preparation on the part of the parents will help the day go smoother. Here are some hints for the parents:

  1. Check out our website for the most current tryout time (any changes have been posted on the website). 
  2. The tryout schedule pages provide a link to the Coach’s biography and a preliminary team plan for next year with estimated costs per player.  Please read this team plan and we hope that you find all of the information you are looking for however if you have questions please contact the coach listed.
  3. Please register online before 5PM on Friday June 13th if you are planning to attend our tryouts. If you missed the online registration just make sure to bring the Waiver Form with you to the registration desk.

  4. Before tryouts you need to print the Tryout Waiver Form and bring a signed copy with you even if you registered online.

  5. Please bring with you to the tryout two small photos for pass cards, your checkbook, your medical insurance information and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. You will need these if your child is offered a spot on any team. 
  6. Please make sure your child has cleats, shin guards, a ball and water/Gatorade to drink.
  7. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled tryout time. When you arrive proceed to the registration desk and hand in your Tryout Waiver Form. Your child will be given a numbered bib to wear and you may proceed to the indicated field. A Parent must sign the Registration Form and remain during the tryout session.
  8. During the tryout process if your child is offered a spot on a team you will be directed to the manager of that team to receive a folder of forms to complete.  This is when you will be requested to provide a birth certificate, photos and a check.  You will need to try on Uniforms and place a uniform order so please be prepared to spend some time completing all of the paperwork required and assist your child in determining the correct size of uniform. You will not be able to change the uniform size after June 22nd unless you pay for another uniform so make sure your child tries on each piece of the uniform.
  9. You will need to complete a medical release and then sign the document in front of a Notary. We cannot use a medical release dated before June 15th.

Hopefully these tips will help you navigate the tryout process a little quicker and easier. Good Luck !