Schoolcraft College – share your stories

We need a strong Schoolcraft College to continue to provide a quality, affordable education so students and community members can thrive and pursue their goals, transfer to a university, advance their skills for career success, retrain for another vocation, or benefit from its variety of community based programs and partnerships. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these stories from Schoolcraft alum!

“Schoolcraft is my local community college. They offer a numerous degrees for in demand careers and affordable tuition. I was interested in their nursing program. I worked midnights at a local hospital and Schoolcraft offered flexible class times and clinical rotations. Being married and having four children, it was important for me to continue working full time, while I completed my degree. During my time at Schoolcraft, the hospital system I worked for was forced to temporarily suspend their tuition reimbursement benefit. Schoolcraft has numerous scholarship opportunities that allows their students to gain a higher education. If it weren’t for those scholarships and The Schoolcraft Foundation, I would not have been able to complete the nursing program.

Schoolcraft College helped retrain me for an in demand career. I was able to work in a field that allowed me to help my community and support my family. Schoolcraft’s nursing program trained me to be confident as an ICU registered nurse at a level 1 trauma center and the confidence to continue my education at a four year university.

Schoolcraft College campus is the center of our community. They offer degrees to help retrain people for in demand second careers, like me. They offer degrees for younger students who may not feel comfortable going straight to a four year university. They offer numerous other classes just for fun or to learn a new hobby. If you have the desire and the will to learn something new, Schoolcraft is committed to helping you make that happen” — Rick Neal, RN.

“Schoolcraft offers great, affordable education. I previously earned a degree from Schoolcraft and knew that the program help me achieve more in my career. Earning my degree meant a lot to my employer, more opportunities with higher earning potential have come my way. The knowledge earned throughout the coursework definitely increased my value and ability to solve complex problems. Schoolcraft’s pursuit of creating higher learning programs is a benefit to everyone, whether in the county or not. Being able to offer a four year degree at a community college is such an awesome accomplishment. Giving the community options for education at a much more affordable rate than other institutions.” — Ken Damphousse, Chef.

“I was brought to schoolcraft through my employer to receive my fire 1&2 certifications. I was excited, because Schoolcraft has an excellent fire program. Schoolcraft’s program in fire technology gave me the opportunity to receive hands on training and education to go after my dream career. Schoolcraft gave me the professional blueprint or the basic skills so I was prepared to walk into a fire department confident and ready to learn. It taught me to be integrous and trustworthy. As a young black man, it gave me the confidence to pursue the dream I had as a kid to be a firefighter, despite injustice. I want to be an example for anyone thats different, that you can make it, and achieve your dream with discipline and hard work. Schoolcraft also plays a major role in the community with a continued passion for education at all levels. From basketball and piano camps for kids, to youth resume workshops and fafsa help, Schoolcraft has something to offer everyone. It goes above and beyond to facilitate access to four year universities and provide help to students struggling academically and personally. Schoolcraft’s community involvement is very commendable.” — Kristopherr Brown Jr., Firefighter.


We also encourage you to share your stories! Let us know what Schoolcraft has done for you or how it has impacted you and we’ll share it on social media and our website. Just send us a message at Because Schoolcraft is for all of us.