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Ed McCarthy - Wolves Executive Director


What are the latest updates on our shutdown timeline?

League / Event

Regular Season Update

Post Season Update


Spring Season Canceled



Canceled through May 31


Director’s Academy

Spring Season Canceled


Jr. State Cup




Spring Season Canceled



Spring Season Canceled

Post Season Canceled

State Cup


Regional/National Canceled


Canceled through May 17

Showcase Possible

Development Academy

Spring Season Canceled

Post Season Canceled

Will we offer soccer this spring / summer?

We will be carefully watching for statements from health organizations and our governing bodies.  As soon as the experts tell us that it is safe to return to activities, we will offer as much soccer as we are able.  This could include training, friendly games, and abbreviated leagues.  We have been working with local clubs to create competitive games/competitions at each level/age group and the coaching staff is prepared to work through the completion of those games/competitions.

First, the new return-to-play date is an extension of the governor’s stay at home order and means that we will not be able to return to the field sooner than June 1. We were certainly hopeful that we would be able to welcome our players back to their teams sooner, but we are now prepared to help make the best of a challenging situation. We will continue to send out weekly development plans, engage in regular Zoom calls, and provide our players with self-training resources. We will also implement additional creative methods to interact with our players and to help continue their social and physical development.

What about refunds?

Credits/refunds will be provided for all expenses not incurred for this season once we determine how much programming we can still provide.  We are hopeful to provide programming as late as July 31.  Credits/refunds would include expenses for travel fees, tournaments, officials, league fees, and potentially field rental. 

Our plan is to provide credits/refunds by the end of May.  Approximately a week before this we will communicate the amount.  

As you might expect, due to the constantly evolving nature of this situation, projections are constantly being altered based on each new cancellation and each entity’s unique reimbursement policies.  We then apply this status to each individual team plan. For example, many leagues and tournaments have yet to actually reimburse us, some have not rendered decisions, and others are only providing credits for future years.  Our intent is still to deliver on modified programming until July 31, if deemed safe by the governing organizations.  For these reasons, and since we do not yet have a clear return-to-play date, it was not financially viable for us to have completed the reimbursement process already.  

What about tryouts?

Michigan State Youth Soccer Association have stated that they “will not be sanctioning or insuring in-person tryouts this year.”

It is our intention to provide a place on a Wolves team in the year to come for every current Wolves player. Please see the anticipated timeline to account for the inability to follow our traditional tryout schedule.

Week of May 11: Announce coaching assignments / Unveil updated web site / Open pre-tryout registration

Week of May 18: Release team plans / Offer virtual age group meetings to outline programs/answer questions

Week of May 25: Communicate with individual families regarding next steps (virtually or by phone)

June 1: Begin signing of Wolves’ players

June 13: Begin signing of players from outside the club

To register please visit our JOIN US page.

How will teams be formed?

A tryout registration link will be emailed out to all of the current Wolves families and will be posted on the web site. As already mentioned, it is our intention to offer a place in the club for all current Wolves players. The coaching staff will be meeting throughout the next two weeks to discuss our current player pool and next steps for their development. We will then engage each family in this conversation by the end of the month.

What is the latest on US Soccer canceling the Academy?

As we have shared in previous communications, US Soccer ended its 13-year oversight of the Development Academy on Wednesday.  To summarize, we have committed to continuing a 10-month Wolves program that will greatly resemble the Academy environment.  While the situation is fresh and several details are still falling into place, we have aligned ourselves with the following Academy clubs in the Midwest:  Sockers FC, St. Louis FC/Scott Gallagher, Vardar, Indiana Fire, Internationals, FC United, and Shattuck Saint-Mary’s.  These clubs have committed to working together in a competitive platform that is intended to maintain the high standards set by the DA. 

What about the new MLS league?

In the wake of the US Soccer news, “Major League Soccer announced the launch of a new elite youth competition platform intended to provide year-round high-level matches for MLS club academy teams and non-MLS academy teams that previously participated in the US Soccer Development Academy.” We are expecting a league-wide announcement later this week that will provide additional details on this exciting new opportunity.

How does the Academy cancelation affect other levels in the club?

As outlined in previous communications, the Wolves will continue to offer a 10-month program for the Academy age groups, even though they will not fall under the US Soccer badge.  As a result, our club intends to proceed in very much the same manner as we have for several years in the U13 through U19 age groups.  We intend to have 10 month “Academy” teams, 6-month ECNL teams, and 6-month teams competing in USYS programs at various levels.  In short, US Soccer discontinuing the Academy program should have very little impact on the rest of our cub.  We will continue to offer the various options in the Wolves’ club that have enabled us to accommodate players of all levels. 

TopTekkers Partnership

TopTekkers PROGRAM

At the start of the pandemic the Wolves formed a relationship with TopTekkers to provide a way for our U7 through U14 players to train at home, while interacting with coaches and teammates.  For more information please contact your teams current coach.

Wolves YouTube Channel

As the club navigated through providing our players with quality at home training programs, one of the methods introduced was a Wolves YouTube channel.  This provides an opportunity for players to see training videos and workouts.  Click for access.

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